2016 Gold Coast Eagles Jersey Design

…Since 1964!

2.2The birth of the club can be attributed to a few handy rugby souls who met in the Pink Elephant Bar at Chevron Hotel in Surfers
Paradise in November 1964. Since this time, Gold Coast Eagles has brought Heaven’s game to Paradise and through rugby built character in these young men ever since. Hence the theme is ‘Building character … Since 1964!’

Perry X

-The Perry Cross Spinal Research Foundation (PCSRF) has been the Senior Squad’s charity of chose for several years and we have now decided to spread this across the whole club.
Perry Cross is an inspirational C2 quadriplegic who has achieved amazing things throughout his life. An Old Boy of Eagles, Perry is still a constant supporter and can be seen  on the sideline.
He does not let his paralysis define him and is constantly pushing the limits. His new goal is to find a cure for paralysis. Funds raise by PCSRF are invested into medical research in Queensland for chronic spinal cord injuries.
‘Perry X’ above the Eagles emblem signifies the support we as a football club and community show towards this wonderful organisation.
“Everything is Possible”

Porsche Centre Gold Coast

The support from Damien Holley and the team at Porsche Centre Gold Coast (PCGC) has been amazing. This is not only a financial one but they also assist the club with advice, networks and idea to push the club forward. The partnership with PCGC has allowed us to create a better environment for our player, volunteers and management. This is why PCGC can be seen underneath the Eagles emblem, as it signifies the support that we are receiving to prop our organisation up. This in turn allows up to offer our support our boarder community such as PCSRF.
LJ Hooker Southport (Alex McCormack) & International Interiors (Dominic Tam) are also significant supporters of ours and who can be seen on the sideline cheering for our juniors and seniors. We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of our kind supporter and partners.

Gold Hoops

The gold hoops represents the past with a similar design to the ‘90s. Throughout the history of the club, our First Grade has always been the flag ship. It represents our past successes with each gold hoop signifying a Premiership. 10 gold hoops (Large size) accounts for the 10 First Grade Premierships won since 1964. Understanding that the past successes has moulded the identity that we have today. Premierships; 1964, 1967, 1973, 1987, 1988, 2009, 2010, 2013, 2014, 2015
The blue sleeves represents the present, indicating that although we respect our past, we must create our own identity each year.

Gold Coast & District Rugby Union

The Gold Coast & District Rugby Union emblem can be found at the same level as the Eagles Emblem as it signifies the respect for the rest of the competition needed. It is a reminder that we are no better or worse than anyone else in this competition. Without the governing body or the other teams within the District, we would not have a competition.