Match Officials Overview

As participation in Rugby continues to grow, so too does the need for qualified referees, touch judges and referee coaches.  Refereeing provides you the chance to have fun and enjoy the game at a level that suits your skills, experience or desire.

Each team (from U13 to 2nd Grade) playing in the Gold Coast Competition will be required to have two Accredited Touch Judges (Assistant Referees) and to provide one for each game.  There is a carrot (or stick) depending on which way you look at it, and that is that the team will receive a Bonus Competition Point for providing an Assistant Referee to the game. The Club considers that the best approach is to have as many parents and players as possible accredited as Assistant Referees, so that a pool is available to share the role/s around.

Officiating Pathways

Kids Rugby
Mini and Midi rugby is designed to introduce players gradually to the game through modified Laws.  Referees of these games attend a Refereeing Kids Rugby course that provides them with the necessary information to officiate Children. This is an ideal starting point for the young teenager or the parent/s of players participating in these games.

Junior (U19 Laws) Games
For players aged 13 – 19 years, there are modified Laws that incorporate safety elements for the developing player.  Attendance at a one day Foundation Course and ARU SmartRugby program will provide the necessary training to officiate at these games.  Ideally you should be aged 15 years or above to referee at these levels.

Senior Games
There are a range of games played at different levels in local club competitions that can cater for all levels of Referees.  As your skills and experience grow you can move to higher level club matches with opportunities for talented Referees to advance to the highest levels of the game.  Attendance at a one day Foundation Course and ARU SmartRugby program will provide the necessary training to begin officiating at these games.  For Referees wishing to move to higher levels there is a two day Intermediate Referee Training Program.

Touch Judge (Assistant Referee)
Touch Judging offers an alternative way of getting involved in the game that can also be very rewarding.  There are no age restrictions for touch judges.  This is an ideal way for younger people to be involved or for mums, dads, brothers and sisters to help out with the junior games.  A four hour training program will get you started on your Touch Judging career.

Referee Coach
Referee Coaching offers you a career path, either as an alternative to becoming a Referee or once your Refereeing days are over. Training for Referee Coaches commences with a one day program that provides basic information on the role of the Referee Coach.

For further information about becoming a Referee or Touch Judge please contact the Clubs Referee Co-ordinator.  The Club will pay for your course fees.