Rugby Support Staff

The Support Staff are critical to the success of the Eagles. They provide preventive programs, injury assessments and injury management, and guide the club on the implementation of the ARU Medical and Safety Recommendations.  We have a Support Staff team that are as committed to their roles, as are the players, coaches, referees and administrators who serve the Club.  We are interested in hearing from any Doctors, Physiotherapists, Masseurs, Sports Trainers, First Aiders, or students of these or allied disciplines who may wish to join our outstanding Support Staff Team.


Strapper / Masseuse
The primary role is to assist the Physiotherapists with First Aid, Acute Injury Management,
Taping and Rub Downs.  Minimum qualifications are First Aid Certificate and/or Level 1 Sports Trainer.

Physiotherapist (Qualified / Student)
The primary role is to lead the Support Staff and confer with the Team Management and Coaches especially in relation to Acute and Non-Acute Injury Assessment and Management.

Club Doctor
The primary role is to assist with Acute Injury Management especially with Cuts and Wounds, Injections and Serious Injury Management.

Course Dates
There are a range of courses relevant to the varying Support Staff roles.

Support Staff Manager
The Club recognises the importance of the Support Staff role by appointing the Support Staff Manager as a key position to the Club Executive Committee.  If you would like to apply to join the Support Staff team or would like to know more about the courses or qualifications required then please contact the Support Staff Manager